Zakid's Kongai tournaments are small-scale Kongai competitions organised by zakid and held every now and then. The system used in almost all tournaments (except the third one) was a traditional ladder with room for 16 players. Each pair of players has to complete a best 2 out of 3 matchup, which decides who goes to the next round. The player, who wins in each of 4 rounds, wins the competiton. There are no prizes for winning. 7 tournaments have been held so far.


no 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
1 Mateusz Xom lesy, Penney -
2 garcia1000 Penney vasifan RichieRich80
3 Shadowinfinity Carlos77 HypersonicEspo 0xFF
4 BlazinRobotsInc uncop JoePoop, JeffCarr -
5 Shadowinfinity BlazinRobotsInc turtle88822 DredNicolson
6 zakid Ooooog Shadowinfinity, TheElemental -
7 BlazinRobotsinc Max_Vultur Ooooog zakid
8 Kabelis zakid bagatellethief EsIeX3
9 Shadowinfinity Kataphrakt lightshaver Kabelis
10 lightshaver mauk Kataphrakt, zakid -
11 zakid Buzz4rd Kabelis, arthurmauk -
12 Gassa zakid lightshaver, RedJackdaw -
13 EsIeX3 Max_Vultur zakid lightshaver


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