Type Character
Group Martial Artists
Version 1.8
Health 70
Physical Def 0
Light Def 6
Dark Def 1
Innate Additional 10% chance to dodge physical attacks and intercepts.
Attacks Open Palm, Rising Dragon, Chi Reflect, Chi Blast


You can run from Yoshiro's Rising Dragon, but you can't hide. He's got a glass jaw for physical attacks, though -- light magic defense is more his style.


Yoshiro Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Martial Artist Items Edit

  • Caltrops: Not too useful because of Rising Dragon but it can complement it by adding an additional 14 damage.
  • Flash Powder: Yoshiro usually comes into battle to finish off a weakened opponent but he can't stand toe to toe in a real fight. This will help you escape safely after a quick hit-and-run kill.
  • Origami Crane: All his moves almost always connect, so there's no point to using this item.
  • Scroll of Inner Focus: Notably, this item allows Yoshiro, if entering the battlefield at long range with full energy, to use Chi Blast two turns in a row.
  • Jade Figurine: Very low defense means Yoshiro will die fast even with the hp bonus.

General Items Edit

  • General's Insignia: Since all Yoshiro's attacks are single-hit type, he can benefit the most from this item.
  • Girdle of Iron Will: Yoshiro's attacks are too fast to be interrupted but this does give him the upper hand in Yoshiro vs. Yoshiro matches.
  • Healing Salve: Yoshiro has a low defence for the majority of attacks (physical and dark), so healing each turn could be an interesting characteristic.
  • Stoneheel Totem: Yoshiro shouldn't stay in a battle long enough to make use of frequent range changes.
  • Yellow Rock of Cowards: If you plan to use Yoshiro as a finisher and a hit-and-runner it could be useful. Probably better than Caltrops.
  • Mindreader's Chalice: If you are 100% sure that an opponent will switch, this is helpful. Otherwise, stick to Rising Dragon over intercepting.

Strategy Edit

General UseEdit

Yoshiro's use changes when you change his item. When he has the Scroll of Inner Focus, he's much stronger at far range, but still useful as a finisher. With the General's Insignia, he becomes much stronger at close range, being able to knock out a good portion of characters if he stuns with Open Palm.

Since Yoshiro is a very fragile character, it's best not to bring him in on full HP characters. He's better off finishing off characters using Rising Dragon or getting into a 50/50 situation with Chi Blast.

Strengths Edit

  • Very fast close range attacks that are cheap and have high hit rates.
  • Chi Reflect and high light defence rate make him useful to fight light based characters.
  • Rising Dragon can kill a wounded enemy before he can counterattack and even if he tries to switch.
  • At long range, Chi Blast can both deal huge damage and scare enemies into switching, which (if the opponents hitpoints are lower than the damage) can make the opponent flee and be open for Intercepts.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Close range attacks are all physical, and deal relatively little damage.
  • Innate ability is too luck-based: would you risk being hit by a strong physical attack, if you know that you have one in a ten chance to dodge? Same for switching.
  • Almost defenseless to physical and dark moves, taking full damage from the majority of attacks.
  • Open Palm has a lower chance to stun (25%) than similar attacks (usually 30%).

Known bugs Edit

  • None

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