Vanessa Voss
Vanessa Voss
Type Character
Group Vampires
Version 2.4
Health 70
Physical Def 1
Light Def 10
Dark Def 0
Innate Damage is increased by enemy's dark resistance
Attacks Radiance Burst, Double Slash, Ray of Light, Feast of Blood


Vanessa Voss is deadly to those who deal in dark magic, but dark magic might well be the death of her.


Vanessa Voss Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Vampire Items Edit

  • Blood Vial: A solid choice, as it will allow Vanessa to counter her overall fragility.
  • Gem of Souls: Generally a poor choice, though less awful in 5 card, as Radiance Burst has more potential to finish benched cards.
  • Ring of Curses: As Vanessa is quite fragile and can be killed in a small number of moves, she rarely benefits from this item.
  • Necronomic Tome: Despite the fact that two of Vanessa's attacks are light-based and thus gain no benefit from Tomes, this is one of her best items because she will be using Double Slash more than any other move.

General Items Edit

  • General's Insignia: Affects her least-used attacks, Ray of Light and Feast of Blood. Not that useful. (Notably it does also increase your healing from Feast of Blood, though.)
  • Healing Salve: Better than nothing; she will rarely live long enough for this to have much effect.
  • Stoneheel Totem: Voss's energy game is already excellent, and she's generally better off with more damage and/or survivability from Tomes or Vial.

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Strong against most characters with high dark defense espically against Marquis Le Morte
  • Can attack all enemies.
  • Best light resistance in the game.
  • Radiance Burst can heavily damage characters with low light resistance (Cornelius, Marquis) without them even being out.
  • Double Slash is one of the most efficient moves in the game.
  • Versatile due to having physical, light and dark attacks in her moveset.
  • Her innate affect also intercept damage.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Low HP
  • 1 physical resistance
  • No dark resistance

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Full Art Edit

Vanessa Voss, the Daywalker