Valkyrie's Charm
Valkyrie's Charm
Type Item
Group Amazons
Effect increases the speed of all attacks by 1

Amazons only item. The Valkyrie's Charm increases the speed of all your attacks by +1. This item allows you to out speed your opponent's attacks giving you a very decisive edge in battle.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

The extra speed can turn some bad matchups into good matchups. Most commonly used on Ashi, Helene, or Anex.

Valkyrie's Charm on characters Edit

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Not very useful. Andromeda's moves don't have any Debuffs which need to hit first, except Lightning Arrow which is fast already. (Speed 9)
  • Anex - Arguably the best item for Anex. This turns her Boomerang Chakkra into a fast long range 'finisher' just like Rising Dragon, which will hit if the opponent flees, and will hit before the opponent can use any attack to save themselves. Also increases the speed of Power Toss making it much more threatening.
  • Ashi - Ashi is immune to Interrupts so doesn't need to hit faster unless the opponent can Stun or Force Switch. Mainly used to gain the advantage against Cornelius Constantine.
  • Helene - This allows Helene's Shield Bash to interrupt a lot more moves, however doesn't really affect her otherwise. Similar to Ashi, Helene is immune to Stuns, so doesn't need to hit faster as Shield Bash is already faster than most attacks which cause Force Switch or Interrupt. Can however turn the matchup with Bestor in her favor as it is the same speed as Flame Sword Frenzy.
  • Phoebe - Makes both of Phoebe's main moves much more threatening. Power Lash becomes a speed 7 high damaging move, and Rapid Lashes can hit before Andromeda can interrupt with Lightning Arrow, turning this battle in Phoebe's favor.

Full Art Edit

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