1. This debuff is never displayed on a character, only as an icon with the attack; except with Ambrosia's Spectral Choke.
  2. Attacks which cause this debuff can hit characters who are switching out.

Causes of UndodgeableEdit

If a character flees while his opponent chooses an undodgeable attack, first its hit rate is checked. If it misses, the fleeing card escapes with no damage; if it hits, its proc rate is checked. If it then procs, the card is hit; if not, the card escapes with no damage.

Note: The Spectral Choke debuff has 95% chance to appear after its target is hit, even though it works for nothing.

Resistances to this debuffEdit

  • Sacred Candle cannot counter Undodgeable.
  • Juju's innate has a 20% chance to dispel one debuff at the start of each round, probably excluding Undodgeable.
  • The attack that causes the debuff can be interrupted or prevented otherwise.