Type Unknown
Group Villagers
Version 2.4
Health 75
Physical Def 0
Light Def 3
Dark Def 3
Innate Enemy moves cost 5 extra energy
Attacks Staff Strike, Tiger Claws, Rain Dance, Spirit Assistance


Ubuntu has powerful friends in spiritual places, but physical attacks can bring him down to earth.

Attacks Edit

Ubuntu Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Villager Items Edit

  • Deadly Poison: Deadly Poison will add to the effect of Staff Strike and Tiger Claws move.
  • Death Mask: This can be useful if you want to get in another move for that last buff.
  • Elusive Feather: This item can be useful for dodging physical moves, which Ubuntu has no defense against.
  • Tiger's Claw: Great item that buffs Ubun's light and dark resistance to significant levels and helps protect his teammates from bench attackers.
  • Quickening Powder: Ubuntu's moves are very slow. Using this item will help make your moves just fast enough to beat or tie a lot of other moves.

General Items Edit

  • General's Insignia: Improves Staff Strike. It's generally better to use Deadly Poison for damage improvement.
  • Girdle of Iron Will: Ubuntu's moves are very slow, so stopping interrupts and stuns will let you get more of your moves in.
  • Healing Salve: Ubuntu does not live overly long. Therefore Ubuntu does not benefit from this item that much.
  • Stoneheel Totem: May be used in order to max out the energy cost needed by opponent to make moves/change ranges.
  • Yellow Rock of Cowards Deals slight damage to opponents escaping from Spirit Assistance.
  • Mindreader's Chalice: This item is great for intimidating an enemy when Ubuntu is far and can attack with Spirit assistance.

Strategy Edit

General Use Edit

Ubuntu is a very versatile character. He can suicidally use Staff Strike and Tiger Claws in order to buff his teammates, and alternately use Rain Dance for multiple-hitting attacks. He can threaten at far with Spirit Assistance. His innate lets him drop the enemy's energy much faster than it should drop. Whatever style of play you pick, he can be one of the most devastating characters to play against.

Strengths Edit

  • Great for draining out enemy energy.
  • Great for boosting allies' damage and crit rates
  • Can deal out lots of damage using Spirit Assistance.
  • Very useful innate.
  • One of few Cornelius Constantine counters.

Weaknesses Edit

  • No physical defense
  • Close range attacks are weak.
  • Slowest move set in the game.
  • Ubuntu tends to fail somewhat against close range low-cost attacks such as Ambrosia Thorn's Spiked Boots, or Yoshiro's Open Palm.

Known bugs Edit

  • None.

Changes scheduled with next versions Edit

  • None.

Full Art Edit

Ubuntu, the Elder