Tiger's Claw
Tiger's Claw
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect Decrease enemy damage by 2 on attack/intercept

Brown Villager item. When you choose to attack or intercept, decrease enemy damage by 2 damage (per hit). Basically works as giving wearer +2/+2/+2 resistance; note that it also gives your bench the same virtual resistance, which can be great against hits-all attacks.

Tiger's Claw on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - great at buffing Juju's already high light and dark resistance.
  • Popo - maybe not the best pick for Popo but can be helpful in some situations.
  • Tafari - great at buffing Tafari's physical and dark resistance and protecting his bench. This makes the match-up against Vanessa Voss and Amaya much better.
  • Ubuntu - great at buffing Ubuntu's already high light and dark resistance.
  • Zina - makes Zina 4/4/4: can be helpful while she Frenzies the enemy's bench away.

Changes scheduled with next versions Edit

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