The Black Book
The Black Book
Type Item
Group Witches
Effect When you attempt to intercept, the enemy can't switch next turn.

The The Black Book is an item which can only be used by Witches. When you attempt to intercept, The Black Book will disable your enemies' ability to switch during the next turn.

The Black Book on CharactersEdit

For all witches, it is possible to use The Black Book to "suicide" your witch in order to set up a nuke for the incoming character, which can be strategically useful. Simply intercept on the turn said witch gets killed by an attack and switch your new character in and the opponent should still have The Black Book debuff on him.


  • Agathe De Grey: Can help her to kill with Mark of the Witch, but it's not her best attack in the first place.
  • Eva Bovary: Probably unnecessary, as she has a strong hits-fleeing attack already, and her attacks don't require a lot of energy, so she doesn't waste too much energy if someone switches to avoid one of her attacks.
  • Margo Curie: Can help land Incense, but Margo is a low-velocity character with no nukes herself.
  • Sadie Trudeau: Can help with the final sweep of the enemy team once you triggered her innate.
  • Sophie Merovingian: If you want to gurantee a Consume Glyph maybe, but it's not worth it. If you want to kill a fleeing opponent you might as well Circle of Shadows

Known BugsEdit


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