1. Prevents Maneuver in the Maneuver Phase.
  2. Disables all attacks, as well as Intercept and Switch, leaving only Rest.
  3. Stun is removed at the end of a round. All stuns last one round.

Causes of StunEdit

Resistances to this debuffEdit

Helene and Balthazar Bomb-Britches are immune to stuns due to their innates.

Girdle of Iron Will grants a 100% chance to avoid stuns and Interrupts.

Sacred Candle grants a 50% chance to avoid any debuff, including stun.

All stunning attacks (Except Zina's Mistress' Command while she is affected by her innate ability) are Physical type. Any character with Physical Evasion (Yoshiro or Popo) or any Tiki Villager using Elusive Feather (25% chance to evade physical attacks) has an increased chance to dodge the attack. If you dodge the attack, the debuff has a 0% chance of being inflicted.

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