Stoneheel Totem
Stoneheel Totem
Type Item
Group Gray Items
Effect Increases the amount of energy needed in order to change ranges by 5

Stoneheel Totem is a general item, which all characters can equip. If a character has this item equipped in battle, It increases the opponent's amount of energy needed in order to change ranges by 5.

This item is useful for preventing the enemy from moving and attacking, or it could simply be used for sapping energy with a character like Ubuntu.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Good on - or against - any single-range character, such as Onimaru, Helene, or Ashi. It's also good against characters with powerful moves that cost 50 energy such as Cornelius. It has good synergy with Ubuntu and Andromeda - those with energy-gaining advantages.

Stoneheel Totem on characters Edit

Stoneheel Totem is one of the items, which usefulness depends on who it is played against rather than who wears it. This item is very versatile and can be useful on every character, as long as you know when and how you should play it.

Stoneheel Totem is an item that works great against characters that need to be in certain range in order to attack. For example, if Ashi moves from far to close range (against a character wearing Stoneheel Totem), she can no longer use Signature Slice, which is her most powerful move. Similarly, Helene cannot do Shield Bash when she moves to close range. In case of Andromeda, this item neutralizes her innate ability, making it more difficult for her to manage her energy level.

Stoneheel Totem is often put on Ubuntu, as it works perfectly with innate. If another player changes range against Ubuntu wearing this item, he cannot use any move that normally costs more than 35 energy.

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Work well if Amaya's fighting an opponent that requires close range, especially if he's using Ninja-Port.
  • Higashi - Useful for range-dancing.
  • Onimaru -
  • Rumiko -
  • Yoshiro -

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