The correct conditions for a stalemate to occur are:

  1. No damage is dealt (attack damage, debuff damage, or intercept damage) to any character (active or inactive), by any means, for 5 consecutive turns. Damage is life bar decreases or not, like at the same time take damage and heal the damage, the result is no damage taken.
  2. No character has switched out for 5 consecutive turns.

Kongai is designed to prevent stalemate situations, such as Ashi vs Ashi, where the first character to change range will be at a disadvantage, so both remain at the same range dealing no damage. This can also occur in matches with a lot of Hit Rate Decrease debuffs, as misses do not count as causing damage

When a stalemate occurs, a buff is applied to both active characters, Free Range Change. This changes the energy cost for changing range during the Maneuver Phase to become 0, however actively choosing to stay at the same range (selecting 'go far' while at far or 'go close' while at close), still costs 50 energy.

These buffs are cancelled whenever either player takes any damage.

Known Quirks Edit

  • A successful range change is supposed to reset this 5-turn counter, but it does not at present. This can (very rarely) cause the event to happen when there isn't a stalemate, especially if missed attacks were involved.
  • Debuffs and Buffs which do not cause damage do not reset the timer for this circumstance. This also applies to Absorbed attacks.
  • Since Cursed Dabloons deals 1 damage every turn, stalemate cannot occur. This is unfortunate in Auger vs Auger match-ups; if both have Dabloons it's technically in both player's best interest to wait 80 turns!

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