Sharpening Stone
Sharpening Stone
Type Item
Group Amazons
Effect Increases the critical hit percentage by 25%.

Amazons only item. The Sharpening Stone increases the critical hit percentage of all your attacks to 25%. Very powerful when it works, but it is still a very luck-based item.

See: Critical Hit Rate Increase

Sharpening Stone on characters Edit

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Trueshot has close to a 50% chance to critical hit using this item. Rain of Arrows has a chance to do 12x5 damage, putting lots of characters at risk of being killed by a hits-fleeing move.
  • Anex - has a chance to one-hit-kill all but 2 characters with Power Toss.
  • Ashi - has a chance to one-hit-kill all but 5 characters with Signature Slice. Bleeding Slice becomes extremely efficient.
  • Helene - Helene has a very poor damage to energy ratio, so using Sharpening Stone will, on average, remedy this problem.
  • Phoebe - has a chance to one-hit-kill all but 2 characters with Power Lash.

Changes scheduled with next versions Edit

version 1.9 Edit

  • Will increase critical hit rate to 25% rather than 30%

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