Ring of Curses
Ring of Curses
Type Item
Group Vampires
Effect When you are hit, enemy gets -15% hit chance for 10 turns.

Vampires only item. The Ring of Curses applies a -15% hit chance, 10 turn debuff to the opponent when they sucessfully hit the character equipped with this item. This debuff can stack. It can work very well when your opponent lands many attacks and sends himself into a -hit% pit. This item isn't as helpful as it seems since it requires taking damage to activate, but it is great to limit deck hitting attacks or on healers. This item does not activate when proc only moves, such as Bleeding Ritual, Touch of Doom or Spirit Assistance, are used against the wearer. This item can work very well in combination with Amaya's Shadow Curse.

Ring of Curses on characters Edit

Vampires Edit

  • Ambrosia Thorn - not a bad choice with her recently fixed Vamp Kiss healing she can outlast opponent's especially if they miss one or two attacks.
  • Cain Solomon - not a bad choice as a few hits will put him into his innate range and then a miss or two can spell doom for your opponent.
  • Cornelius Constantine - not a great choice as he can not heal damage back.
  • Marquis Le Morte - His numerous ways of gaining health means the ring will likely activate more often on him than any other character; but since his weakness is attacks that can kill him (nearly) instantly it likely won't help his own matches much, and would be a useful combination only if Marquis is intended for a support role.
  • Vanessa Voss - not a great choice as her healing attack is fairly minimal (+10 health), but not a terrible choice

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