Ring of Bravery
Ring of Bravery
Type Item
Group Knights
Effect When you attempt to attack or intercept, you deal 3 additional damage (no matter what the enemy does).

Knights-only item.

Ring of Bravery on characters Edit

  • Damage is dealt before any actions occur
  • Attacks done following Ring of Bravery will still use energy even if it kills the opponent.

Knights Edit

  • Wei-shan - good item if one stalls the game
  • Bestor - bracers and prism are better choices
  • Gunbjorn - his attacks are more expensive so Ring may be less useful on him
  • Oxbox - Ring + Warhammer Smash make him capable of dealing with many characters, including the Legendary CC/girdle
  • Rathbone - Good item if you spam Siphon or Reckless Fire frequently

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