Radiance Burst
User Vanessa Voss Version
Damage 10 Type Light
Cost 40 Speed 3
D/C 0.25 Range Both
Hit% 100% Proc% N/A
Effect Hits all enemies, except switching out


Radiance Burst is often used in combination with moves such as Shadow Wrath and Tiger Frenzy. It is useful for weakening the enemy's deck as a whole, and lets characters such as Yoshiro finish off the enemies. It can also be useful for determining the mystery cards in an opponent's deck.

Note that the damage that Radiance Burst causes to each card is altered by each card's individual dark and light resistance (in conjunction with Vanessa's Innate).


  • Attacks all enemies
  • Benefits from Voss's Innate. Characters with high Dark Defense rarely have high Light Defense.
  • Can determine or narrow down opponent's unrevealed cards


  • Some enemies, especially the Amazons, will be less affected by this move.
  • deals no damage to another Vanessa Voss
  • Fairly poor efficiency in most 3 card matches

Known BugsEdit


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