For new players, there are certain little quirks with the game that are can come as a surprise to a new player. They're all listed here under which character/item it occurs under.


  • ALL character moves count as attacks. This means, for example, that Popo can dodge Tafari's Leafy Trap, or that Andromeda can interrupt Juju's Healing Touch with her Lightning Arrow. Intercepts are NOT attacks, and thus are not affected by Origami Crane for example (though some bonuses do apply to intercepts as well). This would mean that a move which causes no damage, such as Zina's Mistress's Command or Cain Solomon's Tantrum, triggered the conditions on Tafari's Leafy Trap because they are Physical in nature; but it has been reported that they won't trigger Trap anymore in the current version.
  • Innate, item, and buff-related procs are only rolled if the attack does damage (except Ring of Curses). Attack procs are rolled regardless of the attack being absorbed or not. For example, Phoebe cannot disable Onimaru's item by using Deafening Crack, because the damage will always be absorbed - but the decreases hit rate caused by Deafening Crack itself will still happen.
  • If there are 5 consecutive turns without damage or someone successfully switching out, an event occurs to prevent a Stalemate. See Stalemate for more details.
  • Healing from items (Herbal Remedy, Healing Salve, Blood Vial) and healing from being on the bench (1 hp/turn) happen at the end of the turn; this means that, when you switch out a card with Herbal Remedy, it will be in bench at the end of the turn, so that it will not heal from Herbal (+3 hp/turn) that turn, but it will heal from bench (1 hp/turn). If you switch in a card with Herbal, it is the other way around.
  • Healing effects that happen each turn take place before bleed, burn, and poison debuffs that happen each turn; the exception is the first turn at which a damage debuff is inflicted: it then happens immediately after the move that inflicts the debuff.
  • The colour of a move's animation on the battlefield depends on the attack's type: physical is white, light is blue, and dark is purple. If Vanessa Voss, for example, changes her attack type to dark, a purple animation will take place instead of the blue of her light move.
  • When a card dies, the new card switches in at the beginning of the new turn, not at the end of the old turn; this matters, because whether you win is calculated at the end of the turn in which one party's last card dies. Suppose you have LeChuck's Curse on you, and you have two cards left at 5 hp each, the opponent only one card at 5 hp; then, if the two active cards kill each other in the same turn, you win, even though the card you would have to switch in next turn would die immediately from LeChuck.



  • Her innate and Flash Powder are additive: she will have a 50% + 40% = 90% chance to dodge interceptions when she is wearing Flash Powder.

Anex and Cain SolomonEdit

  • Their innate affects their intercept damage.
  • Their innate doesn't take fractions into account. For example, Cain's Rush of Bats would deal 13x5 damage. not 13.5x5 damage (see Damage).
  • Cain's Tantrum also increases his intercept damage.
  • Their innate doesn't stack


  • Only one debuff can be removed per turn.
  • The effect from Death Mask does not count as a removable debuff.
  • His innate ability will choose a debuff at random from all of those affecting him, and then remove the debuff of that type with the least time remaining (type in this case means the exact effect - Cornelius's Blood Burn and Marquis's Blood Burn count as different types). For example, let's say Juju has two Ring of Curses debuffs active, one with 9 turns left and one with 3 turns. He also has a Voidstream debuff with 4 turns left. If his innate triggers, first one of these three debuffs will be chose at random. Then, if either one of the two Ring of Curses debuffs was chosen, the one with 3 turns left will be removed. If the Voidstream debuff is chosen, it is simply removed since it's the only one active of that type.
  • Juju's innate can remove a debuff even if that debuff would naturally end that turn, but damage from debuffs is applied before they are removed. (The game log may show his innate working before the damage takes place, though.) For example, if Juju is hit by Spirit Assistance and his innate doesn't remove it the turn it was used, the next turn he has another chance to remove it - but it will still deal damage whether or not it is removed the 2nd turn. NOTE: this has probably changed in the latest version: it has been reported that he can now remove it during the second turn and suffer no damage. Should be checked.

Marquis Le MorteEdit

  • When he leaves battle and gets hit by a "hits fleeing" move, he always regains HP before the damage is counted. Similarly, Damage from Caltrops and Yellow Rock of Cowards is also applied after the HP gain.
  • When he uses Vampiric Touch or Life Drain against the enemy, the healing is counted after the damage. Even if Marquis hits 0 health, he will live unless he does not drain enough life to move above zero health.
  • Vampiric Touch and Life Drain give you back health based on the health removed from the opponent. For example, if the enemy has only 10 health and the draining move hits for more than 10 damage, the Marquis only receives 5 health (Vampiric Touch) or 10 health (Life Drain), based on drain ratio.
  • If the Marquis is knocked out of battle (say, with Power Swing) his innate will still trigger and give him 20 life.
  • Blood Burn affects the target's intercept damage as well.

Vanessa VossEdit

  • Her innate affects her intercept damage as well as her attacks.
  • See Marquis le Morte for his Life Drain and Vamp Touch moves. This applies to Feast of Blood as well.


  • When Eye of the Tiger targets an enemy that's currently switching out, the attack will be evaded and no damage will be dealt; however if it targets a character switching in, damage will be dealt normally. (In other words, it doesn't hit fleeing.)
  • The Mistress's Command buff procs as a single effect. In other words either the bleed and stun will proc together or neither will proc. But if they proc on a target and the target has Sacred Candle, the bleed and stun are checked separately: the target can be immune to one but not immune to the other.
  • The chance for Mistress's Command to proc on a card is 40%.
  • The chances for Mistress's Command or an item such as Deadly Poison to proc when using Tiger Frenzy are checked vs each card hit: that is, it is possible that all three target cards get stunned, or two, or one, or zero. First, the first card has, for example, a 40% chance to be stunned from MC; then, the second has a 40% chance, regardless of what happened to the first, etcetera.


  • Phoebe's attacks have a 25% chance to disable your item for the rest of the match.
  • If the damage is absorbed, there is zero chance to disable a item.
  • Item Lash takes effect before their item has a chance to proc. For example, if you hit someone using Sacred Candle with Deafening Crack and Phoebe's innate procs, Sacred Candle will be disabled before it has a chance to counter the Deafening Crack.
  • Item Lashing a Jade Figurine lowers an opponent's maximum HP AND their current HP by 15.
  • If you Item Lash a Scroll of Inner Focus when the player wouldn't have enough energy to use the move without Scroll, the moves executes normally and they go up to 20 energy next turn as they would normally.


  • Rain Dance affects your team's intercept damage in addition to attacks.
  • Additional damage buffs gained from Rain Dance and Staff Strike are applied before crits. So for example, Popo's Slingshot will crit for 63 damage after a Rain Dance, or 72 damage with a buff from Staff Strike.

Cornelius ConstantineEdit


  • Hide is a stackable buff: if Tafari casts Hide twice in a row, he will have a 60% chance to dodge during the second turn; withElusive Feather, that will even be 85%. This has been verified with 90% certainty so far; some more testing might be in order.
  • Hide may be removed by an attack that can knock off a buff: when against Onimaru at close, Onimaru may carry out Sword Flurry; if Tafari chose Hide, and if he fails to dodge Sword Flurry, he won't be able to Ambush next turn.
  • When Leafy Trap activates, the game may treat it as though someone else cast it, thus possibly giving someone on the bench with Gem of Souls an innate or triggering Zina's innate.
  • Leafy Trap does not trigger on physical self-buffs including Hide, Tantrum, Load Cannon, and Mistress's Command, trap will trigger on physical debuffs.
  • Leafy Trap is dodgeable, meaning that characters holding Elusive Feather, Popo, Yoshiro, Ranec Vest, and Tafari while he hasHide on himself, have a chance to dodge from getting the Leafy Trap debuff on themselves; but if the Trap is successfully laid out, they cannot dodge the actual damage when the Trap goes off. This last part has been verified with 89% certainty; some more testing might be in order.

Auger BlackbootEdit

  • Word of Command: His innate can also trigger while he is on bench when hit by a physical deck attack.

Ranec VestEdit

  • Ghostly Touch cannot soft interrupt an opponent's attack by making it more expensive the very same turn: its debuff only kicks in at the end of the turn in which it is cast.

Darla CrossEdit

  • When she steals a Captain's Grog Mug by Parrot Pilfer and her health is below 30%, Mug will not work before she takes more damage (or her health decreases); if she is at 10 life when she steals it, it will not trigger upon her stealing it.
  • Whe she uses Parrot Pilfer, there are three possible lines in the log:
    • Success
    • Enemy has no item
    • Steal Darla herself (by command/reflect): "What a waste of time!"


  • When he uses Soul Siphon and the enemy switches, he still attack an ally and heal.
  • Domination causes two debuffs, interrupt and Dominated.


  • Engulfing Flames' self burn is a buff, this means it can removed by buff-remove attacks.
  • Engulfing Flames has the exact same effect when it is reflected by Chi Reflect or Captain's Mirror as when it is not reflected; this is logical when you think about it. But when he is commanded by Word of Command to cast it upon himself, he gets two healing burns.



  • His innate works as a debuff, Sacred Candle can prevent this damage.


Blood VialEdit

  • Blood Vial will announce how much it healed in the log regardless of whether the character equipped with it has been revealed. It does this even if the character was at full health and it had no effect.

Necronomic TomeEdit

  • If you attack Cornelius Constantine with an attack that is reflected by his Hypnotic Stare, and your Tomes proc, you lose the 8 hp yourself, but you also immediately regain the 8 hp: CC does not get healed. This is a not a bug, Necronomic tomes drains the character that takes the attack damage and gives the health to the Tome-wearer, it works as a self buff.
  • Currently, it will always drain 8 health even the attack deals 8 less damage; some people consider it as a bug, but it is not. According to the card description ("Your dark magic and physical attacks have a 30% chance to deal 8 extra damage and heal your character for 8 health.") The health isn't drained.
  • Currently, the tomes can not save you from a killing hit at the same speed as your own attack, even if it procs, say If Ambrosia uses Spiked Boots at the same time as a killing blow from Cain's Tackle, even if the tomes activate and you gain 8 heath you would still die.

Death MaskEdit

  • Death Mask will make sure you stay alive until the beginning the next turn. Even if a status effect brings you down to 0 hp, your hp will just be raised back to 1 when the next turn starts. You can still be killed before "the end of the next turn" by an attack.
  • When Death Mask is activated, the wearer is immune to damage for this turn, even to a trap that is triggered by going close.

Ring of CursesEdit

  • This item works as a self buff: when the bearer takes a hit, the opposing card will be Cursed.
    • Since it is a self buff, it cannot be reflected: if a card bearing the Ring attacks but is reflected and hits itself, the reflecting card (such as Cornelius Constantine with Hypnotic Stare) will be Cursed. If the attack misses, nothing will happen.
      • This means that the reflecting move (such as Hypnotic Stare) itself will never trigger Ring of Curses, but the reflected attack can trigger it.
  • Ring of Curses will still take effect even if an attack is Absorbed (and thus deals no damage).
  • It will not take effect if an attack misses or is dodged.
  • It will not take effect against an attack that can never do any direct damage, like Amaya's Shadow Curse, and Juju's Touch of Doom, which can do only bleed/burn damage (no direct damage).
  • This item will work BEFORE Phoebe disables it.

Yellow Rock of CowardsEdit

  • Takes effect before the attack phase. This means it will deal the 8 damage before the opponent's attack will take place, which could kill him before he can use Juju's Healing Touch for example. This also means that it will go into effect before any Undodgeable attacks.
  • The Force Switch debuff will not trigger this item. This means that Rock will only work when someone actually clicks the switch button and successfully switches out; it will not work when a card is knocked out of battle.
  • This item will not work on an Intercepted switch.

General's InsigniaEdit

  • Damage bonuses from this item are added after critical hit bonuses.
  • Damage bonuses from this item are added after Cain and Anex innate ability.
  • Insignia do not affect Zina's Eye of the Tiger; this is because technically EoT isn't a single-hit attack, since it can hit any enemy. Many do not like this logic, but that's just the way it is.

Gem of SoulsEdit

  • This item will give the wearer only the original innate of the card that is killed, i.e. not any additional innates that the killed card has acquired earlier through Gem of Souls.
  • When a Vampire gets Zina's innate by killing her, he/she will not get the Beast Feast buff yet, but only after another killing.
  • The Beast Feast buff will then affect only the first three of the Vampire's four possible moves.
  • If the holder of the Gem acquires the innate of the same card twice, these innates will not stack.
  • Cain and Anex innate doesn't stack.

Tiger's Claw Edit

Sacred CandleEdit

  • This item can prevent every imaginable game effect that could remotely be considered a debuff, such as the item Tiger's Claw.
  • It is also capable of breaking Navigator's Sextant as it is a debuff.
  • There are two exceptions: it cannot block range change from moves like Teleport; and it cannot block hits-fleeing attacks from damaging its wearer.
  • As of the most recent version, it also cannot prevent unremovable debuffs, such as Bleeding Ritual, Curse of Juju and Touch of Doom.

Elemental PrismEdit

  • Prism has a chance to get triggered for every event that might trigger it: if Bestor/Prism casts Pyroclasm, each bench hit has a chance to proc Prism, so he has a chance of at least 1-(0.7)^3 = 66%, or even more if the fact that he casts a light attack counts on top of that.
  • Prism has two chances to get triggered each turn: when the wearer attacks with light magic, and when he is gets damaged by light magic; this means it has a chance to deal damage twice in a turn.
  • Prism does not work when its wearer is on bench (tested by Jappert).

Hero's FlagonEdit

  • This item works when its wearer is switched out by a forced switch (knocked out of battle).

Knight's EmblemEdit

  • This item will prevent all kind of damage, but its wearer can still get debuffs: you will see, e.g., a poison debuff counting down as usual, but the card just won't lose hp, until he is switched in again.
  • If you have two Emblem-equipped Knights on the bench and Coffin Nails is triggered, your Witch will be unable to deflect the damage anywhere and will die immediately.

Ring of BraveryEdit

  • This item works before the enemy's attack; this means that you can kill an enemy who has 3 hp by casting a self buff or intercepting him.
  • When an enemy has 3 or less HP and switches, if the ring-wearer chooses to intercept, he will successfully intercept AIR.
  • Say the ring-wearer carries out an attack that has an effect on the bench, but will only work if it hits the active opponent, such as Sandstorm or Whirlwind; if his opponent has only 3 hp, he will die before he can attack, and yet the ring-wearer can still successfully carry out his attack and affect the enemy's bench. This can be explained if we assume that the Ring's kill first only paralyzes the opponent, then finally kills him only at the end of the turn.
    • An interesting exception to this occurs if the dying character has Death Mask. Upon Death Mask being activated, it creates an invulnerability effect that lasts until the beginning of the next round (to protect against poison/burn damage at the end of round). This invulnerability will block your attack and prevent it from having an effect or proccing, even, inexplicably, on a self-buff like Oxbox's Stoneskin Dance. This can be seen in one of Esiex3's livestream videos on 30 July 2010, where the log notes that "Oxbox's Stoneskin Dance had no effect because Ubuntu is immune to damage."

Status EffectsEdit


  • Stalemate will happen after 5 turns of no damage taken and nobody switch out.
  • The damage is the life bar decrease or not. If take damage and heal the damage up at SAME time, it means no damage taken.
  • This means, Healing Slave and Cursed Doubloon will cause stalemate.
  • It also means mirror Marquis Le Morte and both use Life Drain will cause stalemate.


  • If an attack that successfully stuns the other character was used first in the round, the stunned character does nothing that turn, similar to what happens following a successful interrupt except that no energy will be consumed. The stunned character will still be stunned for the next turn, limited to passing and resting.
  • A stunned character, while stunned, will only receive 20 energy from resting, rather than receiving 40 energy.
  • The player still has to click rest while having no other options.

Interrupts ('hard' or 'actual' interrupt)Edit

  • An interrupted attack still uses up the full energy cost.

Soft Interrupts Edit

  • Moves that knock an opponent out of battle or change the range before he can perform his attack may Soft Interrupt an attack. No energy is spent in the event of a soft interrupt. For example, if Rumiko Ninja-ports and Cornelius Pilebunkers, Cornelius will not spend his energy and the attack will not occur. A soft interrupt occurs only if the speed of the soft-interrupting move is greater than that of the opponent's move.
  • If you use an attack that would normally knock the opposing card out of battle, such as Anex's Power Toss and Ashi's Power Swing, but the opponent has no other cards left, his attack is soft-interrupted that turn if it is slower than your attack.

Bleeding, Poison, BurnEdit

  • On the turn one of these status effects is inflicted, the residual damage will be done to the afflicted character immediately when the debuff is applied. On all following turns until the effect wears off, the damage done by that individual affliction will happen after the character attacks, at the end of the turn.
  • Sophie's Glyph of Fire is the exception to this rule. Glyph of Fire damages at the end of the first turn cast; not immediately.

Knock the Foe Out of BattleEdit

Knock a Buff Off an EnemyEdit

  • Onimaru, Zina, Agathe De Grey, and Ranec Vest have attacks that can knock a buff off their enemy.
  • Their attacks that have the proc to "knock a buff off the enemy" work like Juju's innate, explained under Juju. Essentially they will pick a buff at random and then remove the buff of that type with the least time remaining.
  • Onimaru and Zina have a 100% chance, whereas Ranec has a 30% chance to do it.
  • This debuff will not appear on the battlefield or the gamelog.
  • Only buffs with a specific duration can be removed: when Darla steals an item, its effect cannot be knocked off; the same applies to Balthazar's Load Cannon, which has no specific duration either.

Hit Rate, Debuffs and DodgesEdit

  • There are two ways of avoiding an attack: the attack can miss, and it can be dodged.
  • Dodge works only against physical attacks (Angelan's Cloak is the only exception).
  • All buffs and debuffs work towards miss chance, including the base hit chance of an attack, unless they are actually called dodge. Tafari's Hide is the only exception: it is also a dodge.
  • The formula is as follows: an attack's total hit chance = the attacker's chance to hit ( = his move's base hit chance x [100% minus hit penalty] x [100% minus hit penalty] x ...) minus the defender's chance to dodge ( = dodge chance + dodge chance + ...).
  • Say I perform a physical attack that normally hits 90% of the time; I have two hit penalties on me of -20% each; and the defender has two dodge effects on him of 25% each. The total chance that my attack will hit him is: ( 0.90 x [1 - 0.20] x [1 - 0.20] ) - ( 0.25 + 0.25) = 0.576 - 0.5 = 7.6%. Not much!
  • Absorb is something different: it happens when the attack hits but its damage is so low that it is less than the defender's resistance. This happens especially against attacks like 7x5 and such: if I have 7 resistance to this attack, it does me (7 - 7) x 5 = 0x5 = 0 damage => it is absorbed.
    Explained some more in words:
  • Percentage-based buffs and debuffs are combined multiplicatively, not additively. So 2 of Amaya's Shadow Curses would cause a 100% hit rate attack to become 64%, not 60%.
  • This is NOT true for dodges caused by Popo's innate or Elusive Feather. These effects are additive, so for example Voss's Double Slash has only a 40% chance to hit Popo equipped with the Feather, not the ~51% it would be if Dodge was multiplicative.
  • Percentage debuffs are applied first, and then dodge effects are subtracted afterwords. An example would be a Popo with a Shadow Curse debuff using Slingshot having a 0% chance to hit another Popo equipped with the Feather (60% base hit rate times 80% is 48%, minus 50% is less than 0).

Critical hitsEdit

See also: Damage // Critical Hit

  • Every attack which deals damage in Kongai has a base 3% chance to Critical. A Critical attack deals 150% damage. This bonus damage applies to some Buffs, but not all.
  • This damage is rounded down each strike; take a 9x5 move: after crit, it deals 13x5 damage, not 13.5x5 damage.
  • Critical hits and misses are rolled on the same die. For example, Popo's Slingshot is 60% hit rate, and 50% crit rate. This means that it will critical 50% of the time, hit 10% of the time, and miss 40% of the time. It will NOT critical 30% of the time, hit 30% of the time, and miss 40% of the time; it is impossible to miss and crit.
  • Critical hit rate boosts (e.g. Ubuntu's Tiger Claws) cannot improve the crit percentage above the hit percentage.
  • Critical multipliers are factored in before resistances are. For example, Onimaru's critical damage = (Base Damage x Critical Multiplier 150% - Resistance) x Number of Strikes = (26 x 1.5 - 3) x 2 = 72. See Damage: Critical Hits for more information.
  • Critical Hit chances are not reduced by hit-rate debuffs, except that crit chance can never be higher than hit chance. For example, if Popo is under the Shadow Curse Debuff, she will have a 48% (= 0.60 x 0.80) chance to crit with Slingshot and a 52% chance to miss (with a 0% chance to hit normally).
  • If your hit chance gets lowered by a debuff such that it gets lower than your crit chance, crit chance is lowered to that maximum, and you will see no more regular hits (= hits that do no crit). Take, for example, Popo hitting Amaya with Slingshot while Popo has one Shadow Curse on her of -20% to hit. Slingshot normally has 60% hit and 50% crit, which means that out of 100 tries 40 will miss, 10 will hit normally, and 50 will hit-and-crit. After the Curse, however, this changes to 52 misses and 48 hit-and-crits (no regular hits): 0.60 x (1.00-0.20) = 0.48.
  • Buffs that increase your chance to crit are all additive (so far): this means that Starbuck's The Old One, Two has a 50% chance to crit if he has a crit buff from Ubuntu's Tiger Claws on him: 25 percentage points from his innate, and 25 more from the buff.

Splash damageEdit

Attacks that hit all cards in the enemy's deck Edit

The following attacks can do damage to all cards in the enemy's deck at once:

The information below has been verified for 3-card decks and 5-card decks; it is based entirely on information from the game log unless stated otherwise.

Hit order Edit

A hits-all attack always hits the active card first; it then follows the original deck order: the order the cards were in at the beginning of the match.

If a deck shows as A-B-C in deck builder, then its original deck order is A-B-C. If B is the active card, no matter where A and C are on bench, a deck attack will hit the cards B-A-C, in that order.

Hit order when switching Edit

If a card switches in, it counts as active as soon as it is on the battlefield (but no sooner), and it will from then on be hit first. The switched-out card then counts as a benched card, and falls under the original deck order again. Note that Shadow Wrath, which hits fleeing, hits the active card before it switches out, just as other hits-fleeing attacks do.

Hit rate Edit

A hits-all attack checks the hit rate for each card separately: Popo will still have a 25% (or 50% with Elusive Feather) chance to dodge Zina's Tiger Frenzy as normal when Popo is on bench, and the other two cards will have each its own chance to be hit, as normal.

Ring of Curses in a hits-all attack Edit

  • If a hits-all attack hits a card that has Ring of Curses, and if this card is not the last card to be hit, the attacking hit rate will be reduced even before the other cards are hit in that same turn, despite the fact that the -10% debuff will only show up after all the hits in the game log.
  • For this reason it is advised to put the Ring on the leftmost card in your deck that can profit from it. This information has been verified independently of the game log.

Miscellaneous Edit

This information has been tested independently of the game log.

  • If a card switches out while you are performing a hits-all attack, it will evade the attack, just like it would evade a normal attack; the other cards are hit as normal, though, including the card that is switching in.
  • Amaya's Shadow Wrath is the exception to the above: it can also hit the fleeing card.
  • Another exception is Oxbox's Sandstorm, which will not debuff the bench if the damaging component is evaded.
  • Zina's Eye of the Tiger does not hit fleeing: if it picks the active card while the active card is switching out that turn, EoT will be evaded.
  • If Zina kills a card with Tiger Frenzy, Zina will get Beast Feast AFTER all hits have been performed for that turn: this means that, even if she kills card X before she hits card Y, the added damage and the change in damage type will not affect card Y.
  • If Auger is on the bench while Zina casts Tiger Frenzy, she has a chance to trigger his innate and be Stood Down.
  • When a hits-all attack hits a benched Ring of Curses on the attacker's own team by any reason, the attacker will get cursed.

Command attacksEdit

Word of Command and Domination will do nothing when triggered by Word of Command or Domination (this is to prevent chain effects).

Commanded attacks will be carried out AFTER the enemy has finished his attack.

Auger's Word of CommandEdit

  • While under command, the character will pick a non-disabled close-range attack (a damage move or debuff, but no self buffs).
  • This means that Tafari never picks Ambush on command if he doesn't have Hide on himself.
  • It also means that he never picks Hide.
  • It cannot trigger moves in during cool-down.
  • The character under command will take both the buffs and the debuffs from the attack, including those from innates, items, and attacks.
  • This means that, in case of a life-draining attack, the commanded character will first damage himself and then gain the hp from the drain.
  • When a character uses a hits-all attack on command, the commanded character and his bench will all take damage, unlike reflected attacks.
  • When a character is Stood Down by Auger's innate, he can still attack himself on command.
  • Command can pick a move that the character has no energy for.
  • The commanded move doesn't cost any energy (there is a visual bug that makes it seem as though it did).
  • A stunned character cannot attack itself.
  • Bestor's Engulfing Flames will give Bestor two burn debuffs, granting him two times 4 healing a turn.
  • Rathbone's Soul Siphon under command will damage the commanded Rathbone and his own benched card, while Auger gets the healing.

Rathbone's DominationEdit

  • Domination can trigger an attack regardless of current range, e.g. it can trigger a close-range move when at far.
  • It can trigger an attack regardless of the dominated card's energy, and the dominated card loses no energy by casting it.
  • It cannot trigger a move that has only beneficial effects, i.e. it cannot trigger pure buffs.
  • It can only trigger an attack that requires a set-up - such as Ambush, which requires Hide - if the dominated card has the move set up. If this happens, the dominated card then loses its set-up buff.
  • It cannot trigger moves that are disabled by cool-down.
  • Rathbone's Soul Siphon under domination will damage the enemy's Rathbone and the dominated Rathbone's own benched card, while the dominated Rathbone gets the healing.
  • Rathbone's Reckless Firestorm under domination will damage his own team by 4 hp and the enemy's bench (excluding the enemy's Rathbone) by 13 hp.
  • Fire Cannon under domination will damage Balthazar's team normally, but the splash damage will damage the entire deck, i.e the active Balthazar will also take 10 damage.
    • The Fire-Cannon buff will be removed after a dominated Fire Cannon is triggered.
    • If dominated Balthazar chooses Load Cannon and has Girdle of Iron Will on him, and the Domination triggers Fire Cannon, the Load Cannon buff will NOT be removed.