Quickening Powder
Quickening Powder
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect 50% chance to increase speed by 3

Brown Villager item. 50% chance that each of your attacks is 3 speed faster. When this item procs, wearer will get a speed+3 buff.

Quickening Powder on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - This helps Juju, since his attacks are slow and especially when one can sneak in a Touch of Doom against Cornelius Constantine. There are better options for him though
  • Popo - Not really needed, all her offensive moves are fast.
  • Tafari - Deadly Poison is Tafari's preferred item.
  • Ubuntu - His moves are slow, it could help, but Death Mask is probably better.
  • Zina - Average Speed moves, there are better options.

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