Quickening Powder
Quickening Powder
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect 50% chance to increase speed by 3

Brown Villager item.When equipped, there is a 50% chance that each of your attacks is 3 speed faster. When this item procs, wearer will also get a speed+3 buff.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

The unpredictability of Quickening powder can help any Villager sneak in an attack faster than the enemy realizes is possible.

Quickening Powder on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - This helps Juju, since his attacks are slow and especially when one can sneak in a Touch of Doom against Cornelius Constantine. There are better options for him though
  • Popo - Not really needed, all her offensive moves are fast.
  • Tafari - Deadly Poison is Tafari's preferred item.
  • Ubuntu - His moves are slow, it could help, but Death Mask is probably better.
  • Zina - Average Speed moves, there are better options.

Full Art Edit

Quickening Powder-0