Polished Spyglass
Polished Spyglass
Type Item
Group Pirates
Version Unknown
Effect Attacks cannot miss, and immune to stat lowering effects.

Polished Spyglass is an item which can only be used by the Pirates. With it your attacks cannot miss. Besides the obvious, this also means your character's attacks are not affected by hit rate debuffs or characters with an ability to dodge (such as Popo, Yoshiro or anyone with an Elusive Feather equipped). Currently, only physical attacks may be dodged.

This item also makes the wearer immune to stat-lowering effects.

Spyglass can be useful to counter Amaya's Shadow Curse or Ring of Curses, or against Voidstream and Blood Burn, which would otherwise lower your defenses.

Polished Spyglass on charactersEdit


  • Auger Blackboot - Already high hit rates, the only move likely to benefit much is Word of Command which you should not be using too often. Mediocre choice.
  • Balthazar Bomb-britches - All his moves already have high hit rates. On the other hand, this lets him hit dodging characters like Popo, Tafari, and Ranec and compensates for his reliance on only Physical moves and turns a bad matchup into a good one.
  • Darla Cross - Already high hit rates. Mediocre choice.
  • Ranec Vest - Already high hit rates. Mediocre choice.
  • Starbuck - Two of his moves have 90% hit rates but you should not be using them too often. Better on him than any of the other Pirates but still there are better choices for Starbuck.

Changes scheduled with next versionsEdit


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