Parrot Pilfer
User Darla Cross Version 2.5
Damage 15 Type Physical
Cost 40 Speed 5
D/C 0.38 Range Both
Hit% 90% Proc% 100%
Effect Steals enemy's item

Strategy Edit

  • Take away enemies items and gives you their powers.
  • Thieving strong items not available to Darla like Herbal Remedy, Necromic Tomes, and Sharpened Stone.
  • The item stolen is always return to Darla Cross, not matter who it hits.

Strengths Edit

  • Can negate reviving items like Death Mask and Phylactery.
  • Removes opponents item effects that can help them and gives them to you.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak move.
  • Costs 40 energy to do.
  • Darla's innate can already steal items

Known Bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


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