Origami Crane
Origami Crane
Type Item
Group Martial Artists
Effect Attacks cannot miss

Origami Crane is an item which can only be used by the Martial Artists. With it your attacks cannot miss. Hit rate reductions and Dodges won't have any effect. This item also makes the wearer immune to stat-lowering effects.

Origami Crane on Characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Already has very high hit rates. Origami Crane would not enhance Amaya much. Makes her an effective CC counter, though.
  • Higashi - Sweep has a 90% hit rate. Higashi would benefit slightly from this item if you use Sweep a lot.
  • Onimaru -  Onimaru has good hit rates, but Ancestral Spirit and Ancestral Curse could benefit from it.
  • Rumiko - Quick Rumiko can rely on her attacks hitting so she does not take a lot of damage. Origami Crane could be useful.
  • Yoshiro - Already has a very high hit rates, and currently Rising Dragon is bugged so that it is not affected by dodges. Origami Crane would not enhance Yoshiro much.

Changes Scheduled with Next Versions Edit

version 1.9 Edit

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