Open Palm (Yoshiro)
User Yoshiro Version 1.6
Damage 18 Type Physical
Cost 15 Speed 8
D/C 1.2 Range Close
Hit% 95% Proc% 25%
Effect Stun for 1 turn
For Higashi's move, see Open Palm (Higashi)

Strategy Edit

  • Use this if it stuns and then use Rising Dragon afterwards. Open Palm stun followed by two Rising Dragons allows Yoshiro to kill many characters without taking damage.
  • Spam this while building up energy to use Rising Dragon.

Strengths Edit

  • Fast, very cheap attack.
  • Excellent damage/cost ratio.
  • Useful to hurt the enemy a bit if you have low energy, with a chance to stun.
  • Works well in combination with Rising Dragon.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Low, physical type damage.
  • Stun chance is lower than other similar moves; if stun effect fails to act, it is just a bit more than a complete waste of time.

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