Type Character
Group Martial Artists
Version 1.8
Health 85
Physical Def 10
Light Def 0
Dark Def 0
Innate Cannot be hit by critical hits
Attacks Sword Flurry, Double Slash, Ancestral Curse, Ancestral Spirit

Description Edit

The strong silent type, Onimaru can pummel you in close conversations but may curse you from afar.

Attacks Edit

Onimaru Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Martial Artist Items Edit

  • Caltrops: This could be a good item, for many people who would like to switch instead of suffer a nuke would take 14 damage, and if you dont want to take a chance and possibly waste a turn failing an intercept. The item caltrops is best used on a character who threatens the enemy.
  • Flash Powder: Because there are many enemies that can easily counter Onimaru, this item is recommended.
  • Origami Crane: Fairly useless since Onimaru's attacks are all high percentage. However, this could come in handy against characters such as Popo, Yoshiro, and Amaya. It also creates a favorable match-up against Cain Solomon, Cornelius Costantine and to a lesser extent Marquis la Morte.
  • Scroll of Inner Focus: Highly recommended. Double Slash and Sword Flurry are both very expensive and Onimaru usually needs to do a range change before he can execute them (notably, this lets him go close and Double Slash twice without resting)

General Items Edit

  • General's Insignia: Since Onimaru doesn't have any single hit attacks, this item is useless.
  • Girdle of Iron Will: Double Slash is slow and susceptible to stuns and interrupts so this might come in handy, but Oni is already immune to crits.
  • Healing Salve: When played correctly, Onimaru will be able to stay in battles for a very long time due to his high HP and physical defense. This results in many potential healing turns.
  • Stoneheel Totem: Very useful item. Since Onimaru can only attack at close range, people will be switching ranges a lot. This insures you come out ahead in energy.
  • Yellow Rock of Cowards: Not really recommended unless you like to chip away the opponent's health. There are better items for Onimaru.
  • Mindreader's Chalice: If you can set yourself up for a Double Slash, most players will want to switch. Onimaru can spend a lot of energy changing ranges so the energy boost is very valuable.

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Powerful when at close range.
  • Ancestral Curse can nullify enemies' physical defense, making them highly susceptible at close range.
  • Very high hp.
  • Very high physical defense.
  • Can remove enemy buffs such as Enchant Blade using Sword Flurry

Weaknesses Edit

  • Must be in close range to deal damage; virtually worthless if he is kept at far range.
  • Very susceptible to light and dark damage types, unless Ancestral Spirit is used.
  • Against characters with high physical defense, Sword Flurry is useless.
  • Double Slash is slow and expensive

Known bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit

v. 1.9f Edit

  • Onimaru, Sword Flurry hit rate down 95%->94%
  • Onimaru, Double Slash hit rate up 90%->98%
  • Onimaru, Double Slash now has 25% chance to disable range changing next turn.

Full Art Edit

Onimaru, the Samurai