Necronomic Tome
Necronomic Tome
Type Item
Group Vampires
Effect 30% chance to drain 8 life.

Vampires-only item. The Necronomic Tome provides a 30% chance to trigger a life drain equal to damage of 8. Since new version the self-healing is not limited by damage dealt or target's remaining hp - although the drain will occur only if the target has enough hit points.

Necronomic Tome on characters Edit

Vampires Edit

  • Ambrosia Thorn - This will enhance her Spiked Boots and Vamp Kiss moves considerably.
  • Cain Solomon - It will make his moves more powerful, but it could also pull him out of his innate ability.
  • Cornelius Constantine - It will help where Voidstream is his only option, and makes Pilebunker even more dangerous (giving a slim chance of a one-hit KO if Pilebunker also procs). Generally his item of choice.
  • Marquis Le Morte - It will make his attacks more potent - especially a nice bonus for Teleport, which is usually the move he is using most often.
  • Vanessa Voss - She is mainly going to be using Double Slash, so this is a solid choice. It has the downside of not working with her light attacks, though.

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