The Kongregate Administrators give certain trusted users the ability to police chat rooms and silence abusive players. As a continuation of this concept, Kongregate Moderators may be given the Rollback privilege as a Modding tool on the Wiki.

What is Rollback?Edit

The Rollback privilege allows the user to undo every edit made by the most recent contributor of an article with one click. It is a useful tool in undoing vandalism on a wiki, and is given by default to Admins and Bureaucrats.

How do I get this Power?Edit

If you are a Kongregate Mod, you can be given the Rollback privilege by following these steps:

  1. Create an account if you have not done so already.
  2. Leave a message on the talk page of any Admin on the wiki, explicitly naming your Kongregate account with Mod privileges.
  3. Leave a message on the Kongregate profile of any Admin on the wiki, explicitly naming your Wikia account.

Normally, we would not request anyone to use Kongregate to contact an Admin, however, there is no other way to validate that the user of a Wikia account is in fact a Kongregate Mod.

Upon verification of Kongregate Mod privileges, a Bureaucrat will grant you the Rollback privilege. You may wish to read up on how to use the power and what Wikia considers the guidelines to be for the power.

What if I'm not a Mod?Edit

Other users may be given the Rollback privilege if they have shown that they can handle the responsibility and that they know how to differentiate a troll edit from a good faith edit.

Please Note: The Kongai Wiki and Kongregate are not the same web site. This means that the Rollback privilege may be removed from any user who abuses it, regardless of your Kongregate Mod status. It is also worth noting that losing your Mod status on Kongregate does not necessarily mean loss of Rollback on the Wiki, however, in a case of abuse of Mod powers on Kongregate, the privilege may be removed.

One Specific User is Trolling Repeatedly.Edit

You may leave a message on the talk page of any Admin on the wiki about a repetitive troll. Unfortunately, the ability to ban a user from the wiki is a privilege limited to Admins, and cannot be given out to individual users the same way Rollback can. It is also worth noting that the opinion of a user with Rollback will carry more weight than that of a regular user in the decision of banning a user from the Wiki, as users with Rollback have proven to be trustworthy of such a power. This does not mean that the opinion of a regular user will be discarded. All opinions on the issue will be heard and weighed, but a tie will go to the Rollback user.

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