Mindreader's Chalice
Mindreader's Chalice
Type Item
Group Gray Items
Effect Intercepts deal an additional 15 damage restore all energy

Mindreader's Chalice is a general item which can be used on all characters. When a character intercepts with this item, the intercept deals an additional 15 damage and the character gains full energy.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Good on any character, if you have the mindreading powers to back it up. It's especially good on characters that can force a deadly 50/50 guessing game with it, such as Onimaru, Ashi, Cornelius, Juju, or Ubuntu. Just don't equip it on Tafari.

Mindreader's Chalice on Characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Combined with Dark Chi Blast, Mindreader's Chalice can put the enemy into a hard situation.
  • Higashi - His innate already kills some characters in one hit and will kill any character that has taken decent damage. This doesn't really add much.
  • Onimaru - People may run away from Double Slash. If you can pull it off, the boost in energy is extremely beneficial.
  • Rumiko - People may try to avoid Eviscerate, or Shuriken Barrage, but this is not one of the best combinations.
  • Yoshiro - He already has an attack hitting fleeing opponents. You may use Mindreader's Chalice if you don't want your enemies to run away from Chi Blast.

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Rain of Arrows usually deals much damage.
  • Anex - Boomerang Chakkra deals some damage to fleeing opponents. You may use it if you feel people might run away from Power Toss.
  • Ashi - Characters may switch out against her powerful close range attacks, but there are a few better options for Ashi. The energy gain is substantial for a close-only character.
  • Helene - Situation is pretty similar to Ashi's.
  • Phoebe - On far range, both Rapid Lashes and Power Lash can be very dangerous. Chalice is not a bad option.

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - Pretty good combination. People often run away from Touch of Doom
  • Popo - Slingshot is the only attack people may run away from. It already has a high miss rate and is pretty cheap, so Mindreader's Chalice is not recommended.
  • Tafari - As said above, just don't (he's designed to prevent switchouts).
  • Ubuntu - Very good combination against people switching out against Spirit Assistance.
  • Zina - Zina is more of an endgame character, so Mindreader's Chalice may not be that useful for her. The energy gain is nice since all of her moves are high energy, but she's generally better off using Tiger Frenzy than intercept.

Vampires Edit

  • Ambrosia Thorn - You may use it if you're not satisfied with Spectral Choke, but there are better options for Ambrosia Thorn.
  • Cain Solomon - Cain Solomon can be a big damage dealer, but Mindreader's Chalice is not recommended.
  • Cornelius Constantine - Generally not the best choice on Cornelius Constantine unless if people tend to avoid Pilebunkers. Depends, really.
  • Marquis Le Morte - People may run away from Marquis Le Morte in case of a bad match-up. Still, there are a few better items for Marquis Le Morte.
  • Vanessa Voss - Similarly to Marquis Le Morte, people may run away, due to a bad match-up. Not the best option though.

Full Art Edit

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