Margo Curie
Margo Curie
Type Character
Group Witches
Health 70
Physical Def 0
Light Def 4
Dark Def 2
Innate 90% chance to cure all debuffs on allies when resting
Attacks Acid Splash, Heartache Cocktail, Hallucinogenic Incense, Healing Potion


Dissatisfied with the potency of over-the-counter potions, Margo transformed her basement into a bathtub-brewing laboratory.


Margo Curie Stats

Equippable ItemsEdit

Witches ItemsEdit

General ItemsEdit

  • General's Insignia: Both Margo's attacks are single damages, but better off with something else
  • Girdle of Iron Will: Poor item for Margo, prevents interruption of Hallucinogenic Incense
  • Healing Salve: Not too bad of an item, although Margo is better off with another item due to Healing Potion
  • Stoneheel Totem: Useful of fighting mono-rangers
  • Yellow Rock of Cowards: An alternative version of Sigil of Heartache, useful for those who avoids Hallucinogenic Incense
  • Mindreader's Chalice: An unusual item for Margo, although intercepting for players who avoids Hallucinogenic Incense is useful


Strengths Edit

  • Healing Potion can heal to full hp once and any attack the same speed will do 30 damage because Margo has 70hp but she heals 100
  • Attacks inflict debuffs
  • Can prevent a player from controlling their character

Weaknesses Edit

  • Direct combat
  • Physical damage
  • No physical resistance

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Margo Curie, the Potion Brewer