Type Character
Group Robots
Version 2.4
Health 70
Physical Def 2
Light Def 0
Dark Def 8
Innate Drains 40 energy when successfully swapped out.
Attacks Indifferent Strikes, Energy Sap, Forlorn Poetry, Depressive Mood


Meh, what's the point...


Indifferent Strikes

Energy Sap

Forlorn Poetry

Depressive Mood


Equippable ItemsEdit

Robot ItemsEdit

Energy Core: Useful item, but doesn't have too much specialty when used on MR-V1N

Z-Phase Converter: Useful item, MR-V1N can take quite a bit of damage due to his fragileness toward Light Magic and Physical.

Omega Boosters: Very useful item, boosts MR-V1N's damage output by a fair amount.

A66 Capacitor: Possibly the best item for MR-V1N depending on playing style; Alternative item of Omega Boosters.

Null Matrix: Situational.

General ItemsEdit

Healing Salve: Due to MR-V1N's energy draining abilities, he can stay in battle for a long time, so this can benefit him, however, Z-Phase Converter is probably more useful.

Stoneheel Totem: Useful against mono-rangers.

Girdle of Iron Will: MR-V1N's attacks are fairly slow, so Girdle of Iron Will can be useful, but MR-V1N has better items, usually.

General's Insignia: Not very useful, affects only Energy Sap, which is not meant to put out damage.

Yellow Rock of Cowards: Use if it fits your style.

Mindreader's Chalice: MR-V1N's attacks are not very scary, so this item will probably not be very useful, but use if it fits your style.



  • The unique ability to drain the opponent's energy.
  • His energy drain ability can "soft interrupt" attacks that cost more than how much energy is left after the drain.
  • High Dark Magic resistance, second highest of all characters (Marquis Le Morte being the first).
  • Depressive Mood has good synergy with Forlorn Poetry, and affects all enemies.
  • Indifferent Strikes is somewhat spam-able vs. characters with little or no physical resistance.


  • Fragile to Physical attacks
  • No light magic resistance
  • All his damaging moves are pretty slow.
  • Deals low damage
  • Energy Sap is very costly, and it might not proc all the time.
  • Depressive Mood might not proc all the time, and is somewhat limited (only Dark Magic resistance being lowered).

Known BugsEdit

  • None


  • MR-V1N's Forlorn Poetry is the only attack in the game that has two different sound effects.
  • MR-V1N's name is an obvious reference to Marvin, The Paranoid Android from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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