Light relates two connected mechanics:

  1. An Attack Type.
  2. A Resistance.

Light Attack TypeEdit

Light type moves use holy or energy based attacks. Shooting beams of light, or summoning fire from your inner spirit to smite your opponent are just two of the manifestations of this attack type.

These moves in the combat window have a blue colour, and have a blue vial icon. Light Icon

Light Example

Light ResistanceEdit

Light resistance is an indicator to the character's spiritual belief or faith to ward off soul-shaking attacks. The higher a character's light resistance, the less damage they take from opponent's light type attacks.

Every character has a set Light resistance, also known as light defense, ranging from 0 to 10. A character's light resistance is shown on the reverse of it's card, or in the top corner of the screen above the active character as shown below.

Light Resistance is shown by a blue vial icon. Light Icon

Resistances Example img

Cain Solomon has 1 light resistance.

Light DamageEdit

To work out the damage caused by an attack against an opponent, you can use the following simple formula:

Total damage = ( Light type attack's damage - Opponent's light resistance ) x Number of swings in the attack

For more detail, see also: Damage