Le Chuck's Curse
User Ranec Vest Version 2.5
Damage 0 Type Physical
Cost 10 Speed 2
D/C 0 Range Both
Hit% 100% Proc% 100%
Effect 10 damage to enemies on switch in for 3 turns, hits fleeing

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Cheap, allows Ranec to gain energy.
  • Hits fleeing. If foe switches, this attack with deal 10 damage to the incoming card the turn it is cast.
  • Can be great when the opponent has a low-health character on bench.
  • Can stack; if you are up against a low-hp card up close while you have 20 energy, you can just cast Le Chuck twice, then Two-sword Slash: if the enemy switches, his new card gets 20 damage; if not, his current card get 17x2.
  • The debuff stays for the entire duration on all cards even after being triggered (unlike Leafy Trap, Whirlwind, or Nether Vortex).

Weaknesses Edit

  • Useless if opponent won't switch.

Known Bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


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