This page is designed to help outline the transfer of Kongai to the Kongai Wiki.


The objective of this project is to transfer all of the extraneous Kongai content from this wiki over to the brand new, specially created Kongai Wiki.


This transition may take many of you by surprise, especially for Kongai players who use this wiki for Kongai-specific purposes.

This transition is taking place for a couple of reasons.

  • This is the Kongregate Wiki. Kongai may be Kongregate's own TCG, but this is the generic wiki for Kongregate, not the Kongai wiki.
  • Kongregate Wiki has Kongregate Content. Users who come here for Kongai content need to sift through all the Kongregate content to find what they're looking for.
  • Kongregate Wiki has trolls. Users who wish to contribute to Kongai content need to deal with the Kongregate trolls.
  • The Kongai community could benefit from their own wiki. Kongai users will likely benefit from having their own community.
  • Kongai has enough content to fill a wiki. Kongai can easily fill a whole wiki by itself; it doesn't have to be limited by Kongregate.
  • Kongai users want a Kongai Wiki. The general census has been that a Kongai Wiki is a good idea.

What Needs to HappenEdit

To make this project successful, a few things need to happen. This section will function as a "to do list" for transferring content from Kongregate Wiki to Kongai Wiki.

  • Locate and export Kongai-related pages to Kongai Wiki, and then flag them with Template:Exported. Generally speaking, pages should keep the same name.
  • Export management templates to Kongai Wiki.
  • Export pictures to Kongai Wiki.
  • More to come...

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