Kong-bot Edit

Kong-bot is a server based AI which you can test your 3-card deck with. It will pick a random 3-deck to fight you with.

There is also an easy badge given to the people who beat kong-bot.

Moves of kong-bot Edit

These are my own experience, I found them works for me. -By holycurse.

Maneuver PhaseEdit

  • Kong-bot will check your card's danger range and keep away from that range when kong-bot can use a range change and use a attack.
    • The danger range is like the range of the most energy cost one-range only moves.
      • Yoshiro's danger range is close.
  • Kong-bot will never change range if you cannot change range.
  • Kong-bot will never change range if it doesn't have enough energy to use a damaging move after change range. If it has enough energy, it will change range.

Combat Phase Edit

  • If your card cannot attack, kong-bot has a very high chance to intercept.
  • If kong-bot cannot use any attack and has less than 80 energy, high chance to rest, small chance to intercept.
  • If kong-bot cannot use any attack and has more than 80 energy, nearly 100% chance to intercept.
  • If only one attack can be used, kong-bot will use it.
  • Kong-bot has a chance to use the most damage move if it has enough energy, even a debuff move can deal more damage.
  • Kong-bot has a small chance use Hide at both ranges with Tafari, but the following move must be ambush if at close and enough energy.
  • Kong-bot has high chance use rain dance while he can use Spirit Assistance at far with Ubuntu.
  • Kong-bot has a chance to switch while it is in your danger range. It also has a chance to switch if it is out your danger range and has another card with a powerful attack in that range.
  • Kong-bot has a chance to intercept if you are out of your danger range. This chance increases while your health decreases.

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