Knight Gunbjorn
Type Character
Group Knights
Version 2.4
Health 80
Physical Def 5
Light Def 1
Dark Def 0
Innate Enemy attacks cost an additional 5 energy
Attacks Cold Steel Axe, Helmet Ram, Ice Shards, Bone Chill


"The frost -- sometimes, it makes the blade stick." Gunbjorn is a master of brute strength and slowing his opponents with ice.

Attacks Edit

Gunbjorn Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Knight Items Edit

  • Knight's Emblem: A very good item if Prism, Gorbax or any bench hitters come around. Can be used to prevent Spiritual Assistance or Touch of Doom as well
  • Hero's Flagon: Good if you think you can get around with switching.

General Items Edit

  • General's Insignia: His two close-range moves are single hit, but Ring of Bravery is preferred (hits before anything else, works for other two moves)
  • Girdle of Iron Will: Three of his four moves are slow and are easy to interrupt, good choice.
  • Healing Salve: Promotes longevity, but Gunbjorn has better choices.

Strategy Edit

General Use Edit

In most cases Gunbjorn is used to deal quick damage with Helmet Ram and the occasional Cold Steel Axe. While Cold Steel Axe is slow, it can be threatening enough for an opponent to range change. From there Gunb can utilize Ice Shards or Bone Chill.

Some people like to play him as an energy gamer, using Helmet Ram's interrupt, his innate, and Bone Chill to set up other characters.

Strengths Edit

  • Very strong innate
  • Although Bone Chill is a fairly weak DoT, its +5 energy cost to range changing is significant in Range Dancing
  • Ice Shards can lower many attacks into Helmet Ram's interrupt range and makes Cold Steel Axe essentially speed 6.
  • Helmet Ram + Insignia/Ring of Bravery ends up being an extremely strong, energy efficient move.
  • Close-range combat

Weaknesses Edit

  • 1 light resistance
  • No dark resistance
  • Most damaging move is very slow (although Ice Shards helps with this problem)
  • Ice Shards is completely useless against several characters, other then for the debuff
  • Long-range combat

Known bugs Edit


Full Art Edit

Knight Gunbjorn, of the Frozen North