Knight Bestor
Knight Bestor
Type Character
Group Knights
Version 2.4
Health 70
Physical Def 3
Light Def 5
Dark Def 0
Innate Burn effects heal Knight Bestor.
Attacks Engulfing Flames, Flame Sword Frenzy, Pyroclasm, Inner Fire


After a great warrior noticed Bestor snacking on flaming s'mores as a child, he was trained to master the burning arts.

Attacks Edit

Knight Bestor Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Knight ItemsEdit

  • Knight's Emblem: Protects him whilst he's in the deck, useful to avoid deck hitting moves like Shadow Wrath.
  • Hero's Flagon: Being a pseudo-monoranger, he will be switching out often so this could be useful.
  • Ring of Bravery: His alternative to Insignia - use only if you plan to be aggressive with him often, spamming cheap moves.
  • Elemental Prism: Boosts Bestor's deck hitting power. Not quite as good as it used to be due to the bug getting fixed, but still a good choice.

General Items Edit

  • Healing Salve: Can be helpful with Engulfing Flames, healing 6 a turn.
  • Stoneheel Totem: Being a monoranger, this can be useful but he is probably better served with a different item like Bracers of Righteousness.
  • Mindreader's Chalice: His nuke is deadly and often will get switched out against - use it if it suits your playing style.

Strategy Edit

General Use Edit

Bestor excels at close range but can switch to a supporting role at far if necessary, with a cheap deck hitting move and a crit buff.

Strengths Edit

  • His main strength lies within his speed, he can often finish opponents off even at a low health.
  • Light defence is the weakest across all Kongai characters, something that Bestor excels at exploiting.
  • Flame Sword Frenzy is one of the most efficient moves in the game, especially at speed 8.
  • Cheapest deck hitting move in the game.
  • Can easily switch between deck hitting mode and his normal playstyle to push opponents into a far range.
  • Cheap team crit buff.
  • Has many good match ups with Bracers of Righteousness. But until such time as the Elemental Prism + Pyroclasm bug is fixed, you'd be crazy not to use Elemental Prism.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Defenseless to dark magic attacks.
  • Low damage at far (High damage with Pyroclasm+ Elemental Prism).
  • Mono light magic user, which makes him somewhat weaker to Vanessa Voss, Yoshiro and Auger Blackboot. However, Engulfing Flames works in such a way that reflection will not protect against it.
  • Somewhat limited innate.

Known bugs Edit


Full Art Edit

Knight Bestor, of the Western Flame