Jade Figurine
Jade Figurine
Type Item
Group Martial Artists
Effect Raises maximum HP by 15

Jade Figurine is an item which only the Martial Artists can use. This item, when equipped, will raise the maximum hp that character can have by 15 HP. There is also a special verison known as the Jade Lemon Figurine.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Best on Amaya (because Amaya's low hit points), the Figurine allows you to avoid getting one-shot killed.

Jade Figurine on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - This would definitely be useful because Amaya has an incredibly low HP, and her innate means it would be best having her out as long as possible, so she can have enough energy to use her other attacks.
  • Higashi - Higashi is built around to dealing as much damage as possible. Through this, he might end up with no energy, and end up being battered while only able to use weaker attacks. Jade Figurine should give him a bit of extra time to recover energy.
  • Onimaru - Onimaru pretty much absorbs anything physical, and doesn't seem to be useful for too many other purposes. For his strategy, his HP should be enough, and 15 HP would make a small difference. This doesn't mean it doesn't do anything though, as 15 HP can save you in some situations, and 100 total health is nothing to scoff at. In theory, Onimaru could survive a Touch of Doom with the Jade Figurine.
  • Rumiko - Rumiko might need the HP boost because of her lack of resistances. Again, like Higashi, 15HP can make all the difference, however the Scroll is often more useful.
  • Yoshiro - Yoshiro is pretty much the same case with Rumiko. He has an almost frightening weakness to both physical and dark. This efficiently makes him a light-wall, however. If caught in battle with a character like Tafari, the boost can help him win, but has little purpose otherwise.

Full Art Edit

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