User All Version 1.9
Damage 35 Type N/A
Cost 0 Speed N/A
D/C N/A Range Both
Hit% 100% Proc% 100%
Effect If successful, prevents switch out



  • Prevents most enemies from switching out
  • Can do a lot of damage for no energy cost


  • Generally worse than resting or attacking if the enemy does not switch out

Factors affecting InterceptEdit

  • Cain and Anex's innates affect their intercept damage as well as their attacks, increasing the damage from a successful intercept to 52 damage.
  • Vanessa Voss's innate affects her intercept damage (which would make it deal anywhere from 35 to 45 depending on her opponent's dark defense).
  • Ubuntu's Rain Dance increases your team's intercept damage by 1.
  • Blood Burn reduces intercept damage.
  • Higashi has the innate ability to deal 60 damage with an intercept instead of the normal 35.
  • Mindreader's Chalice causes successful intercept by the user to deal an additional 15 damage, and restores 1000 energy.
  • Flash Powder grants the user a 40% chance to take 0 damage when intercepted, and lets you get out.

Known BugsEdit


Scheduled changes with next versionsEdit


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