User Tafari Version 1.6
Damage 0 Type Physical
Cost 30 Speed 10
D/C 0 Range Both
Hit% 100% Proc% 100%
Effect Increase Dodge chance by 30% for 2 turns, enables Ambush

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Maximum speed (it affect almost all the physical attack performed at the same turn).
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Useful against physical attack based characters, especially if combined with Elusive Feather.
  • Allows to perform Ambush, a very damaging attack (your initial energy should be 80 or greater); the enemy can therefore choose to take the damage or changing range (losing 50 energy).

Weaknesses Edit

  • Deals no damage.
  • Buff doesn't last long.
  • If enemy is able to guess your move, he can simply choose to perform a dark or light attack.

Known Bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


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