Herbal Remedy
Herbal Remedy
Type Item
Group Amazons
Effect Restores 3 HP per turn while in battle.

Amazons only item. The Herbal Remedy restores +3 hit points per turn while in battle. This item effectively reduces damage from all attacks end damage by 3, assuming you survive the attack. This is a very useful item for increasing the staying power of an Amazon character.

Herbal Remedy on characters Edit

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Because of Andromeda's innate ability, where range changes cost less energy, she can easily stall for HP with Herbal Remedy.
  • Anex - Probably better with other items since this can break her innate.
  • Ashi - Ashi usually soaks up lots of damage so using this item is really helpful.
  • Helene - This item helps Helene last longer, especially because of her great HP.
  • Phoebe - Great if you're using her to stall, otherwise use something else.

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