Healing Salve
Type Item
Group Gray Items
Effect Restores 2 HP every turn

Healing Salve is a general item, which all characters can equip. If a character has this item equipped, in battle, that character restores 2 HP every turn.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Good on characters who can last a while. Juju, Higashi, and Onimaru can last, while Andromeda, Tafari, and Amaya can 'range dance' to maximize its use. The Salve can also help a lot in some mirror matchups, such as Cornelius vs. Cornelius.

Healing Salve on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - With the changes to Shadow Curse in 1.9 this could allow him an alternative to Scroll based Curse lock. You would be able to get off 20 curses before running out of energy and would heal 40 HP.
  • Higashi - There are better items for him; his HP are already high and he has pretty good defenses, so he has not any HP-related problems. But it can be useful during occasional range dancing.
  • Onimaru - A good choice, it can be useful during a range dance.
  • Rumiko - Shouldn't be staying in long enough to benefit.
  • Yoshiro - Yoshiro has a low defense from the majority of the attacks (physical and dark), so healing each turn could be an interesting characteristic.

Amazons Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - He already has an healing move, though it can still be useful to give you the edge in mirror matches.
  • Popo - OK option for a poison based Popo, but better options exist.
  • Tafari - Can give him a few extra turns of staying power, but probably better off with Deadly Poison or Elusive Feather.
  • Ubuntu - OK option, as you're likely to be staying in for a while and range dance a lot, but it's unlikely to give you enough HP for an extra turn and thus Mask is probably better.
  • Zina - She's meant to kill not outlast. It can still be useful if the opponent gets stunned, but better options exist.

Vampires Edit

Full Art Edit

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