Gorbax-Mark 2
Gorbax-Mark 2
Type Character
Group Robots
Version 2.4
Health 85
Physical Def 8
Light Def 3
Dark Def 0
Innate Can use HP for energy costs
Attacks Machine Gun Arm, Lock-on, Omega Missile, Death Blossom


Extremely powerful yet somewhat clumsy, Gorbax must lock on to targets before unleashing his arsenal with any reliable accuracy.


Machine Gun Arm


Omega Missile

Death Blossom


Equippable ItemsEdit

Robot ItemsEdit

Energy Core: Good choice if not choosing not to use Gorbax's innate. Better than Z-Phase Converter against hard hitting characters.

Z-Phase Converter: Possibly the best item on Gorbax, as it doubles the effectiveness of his innate.

Omega Boosters: OK choice, allows Gorbax to demolish the benched characters if they have little or no Light Magic Defense.

A66 Capacitor: Even though Gorbax often has his energy below 0, this won't help much as he has a strong attacks, including a strong hits-all attack, and the opponent can easily influence the game to force Gorbax to eat large amounts of his own health to use this item.

Null Matrix: Situational. Can be useful for disabling emblems.

General ItemsEdit

Healing Salve: Good choice, due to Gorbax being a tank and all, however Gorbax can die pretty quickly.

Stoneheel Totem: Only useful against mono-rangers.

Girdle of Iron Will: Can be useful, but there are better choices.

General's Insignia: Almost useless.

Yellow Rock of Cowards: Use if it fits your style. Note that Gorbax should be switching often.

Mindreader's Chalice: Use if it fits your style, most people will switch against Gorbax because of his very damaging attacks.



  • The most powerful character in terms of just raw power.
  • Very high physical defense
  • Death Blossom is the most powerful of all bench-hitting attacks.
  • Machine Gun Arm is a very cheap and powerful attack.
  • Energy is usually not an issue for Gorbax
  • High health
  • Long-range combat


  • Vulnerable to Dark Magic attacks
  • Needs to use Lock-on every few turns to have a solid hit rate. Otherwise, use him like Popo.
  • All damage received by Gorbax is more or less doubled, because the more HP you lose, the less of it can you afford to convert into energy, which Gorbax desperately needs most of the time.
  • Death Blossom is also the most expensive of all bench-hitting attacks.
  • Machine Gun Arm becomes pretty much useless against characters with high physical resistance, which make the two very costly attacks Gorbax's main attacks.

Known BugsEdit


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