Girdle of Iron Will
Girdle of Iron Will
Type Item
Group Gray Items
Effect 100% chance to avoid stuns, interrupts and critical hits

The Girdle of Iron Will is a general item which can be used on all of the characters. This item has a 100% chance to avoid stuns, interrupts and critical hits. "Immune" will appear above the character's art while in battle when it activates to prevent stuns or interrupts. It will also be noted in the game log. Highly useful item on characters with powerful moves that are easily interrupted.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Used best on characters with a slow, powerful move that they don't want interrupted. Cornelius and Juju are good examples, as are Onimaru and Andromeda. It's also good against stun or intercept-heavy opponents, such as Rumiko, Yoshiro, or Higashi.

Girdle of Iron Will on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Due to Amaya's low health bar, one stun usually kills him. Moreover, players may try to interrupt the slow Shadow Wrath, as it deals damage to all enemies.
  • Higashi - Higashi's Chi Blast can be interrupted by Lightning Arrow. However, this is the only useful application of the move as Open Palm is too fast to be interrupted.
  • Onimaru - Very powerful, because his slow Double Slash can be easily interrupted.
  • Rumiko - Her attacks are already fast, so Girdle of Iron Will is not the best choice.
  • Yoshiro - His slowest attack is speed 8, and so is unlikely to be interrupted. His Chi Blast can be interrupted by Lightning arrow, but Lightning Arrow can be reflected by Chi Reflect.

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Since there are almost no interrupting or stunning attacks on the far range, this item is unnecessary.
  • Anex - Interrupts rarely come into play at far range, not a very good choice.
  • Ashi - Ashi's immune to interrupts, but not stuns. However, most stun moves and follow ups are weak against Ashi anyway.
  • Helene - Helene's moves are already quick, and she is immune to stuns. Most of the time, it is better to use a Valkyrie's Charm instead to avoid interrupts.
  • Phoebe - Her powerful far range attacks are pretty fast. It is not worth giving her this item just to prevent interrupting Hamstring and Deafening Crack.

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - As Juju is very slow, Girdle of Iron Will is a good choice for him. However, as many stunning/interrupting moves are physical, it may be more effective to use Elusive Feather instead.
  • Popo - Her attacks are fast, so this is not the best item.
  • Tafari - His attacks are fast (except Leafy Trap). Girdle of Iron Will is not needed.
  • Ubuntu - His attacks are slow, so you may put Girdle of Iron Will on him.
  • Zina - Tiger Pounce is already very fast. On far range, there are few interrupting or stunning attacks that affect Zina.

Vampires Edit

Brotherhood of Knights Edit

  • Wei-shan - Since Wei-shan is mainly a support character, you will try to use him in strategic circumstances. Unless you fight with lots of Pirates, the Girdle wouldn't be a good choice.
  • Bestor- Flame Sword Frenzy is speed 8 and you will rely on it to do damage, unless you are fighting Rumiko on a regular basis the Girdle isn't recommended.
  • Gunbjorn- The Girdle is a very good item for Gunbjorn. All of his attacks are slow and easily interrupted.
  • Oxbox- Good choice for Oxbox, all his attacks are slow and you need all the chances you get to deal damage.
  • Rathbone- Since he's already immune to interrupts you wouldn't need Girdle much at all.

Full Art Edit

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