Gem of Souls
Gem of Souls
Type Item
Group Vampires
Version 2.4
Effect When you kill an enemy, steal their innate and gain +30 energy.

Vampires only item. The Gem of Souls allows you to gain the innate ability of an opponent you have killed and provides 30 energy when you kill an enemy (This recent buff adds tremendous versatility to the Gem). As of v2.4 the identical innate abilities no longer stack (neither Cain+Cain nor Cain+Anex will stack). Since this item allows you to steal the innate of Darla, it theoretically allows a Vampire to obtain any item.

Gem of Souls on characters Edit

Vampires Edit

  • Ambrosia Thorn - With this item Ambro becomes a great finisher who can come in at far, go close, choke and with a kill still have 50 energy left.
  • Cain Solomon - Cain generally is at low hps when he finishes off an opponent, usually so he can take advantage of his innate. Therefore, he wouldn't necessarily benefit much from taking the innate of another character only to die soon after.
  • Cornelius Constantine - Because of his ability to last in battle, Cornelius can use this item in a decent manner if he's played well. However, Cornelius is generally better served by a different item.
  • Marquis Le Morte - The Marquis can benefit nicely from the Gem of Souls since, after he finishes off an opponent, switching him out to take advantage of his innate to come back later with two innates or having him be at decent health from draining the opponent's hit points can help him take advantage of having another innate.
  • Vanessa Voss - Since Vanessa Voss can kill characters on deck, it generally makes it easier for her to steal innates with the Gem of Souls. Depending on the innate stolen, Vanessa can quickly become very dangerous when used well with this item.

There is a special version of Gem of Souls which comes from Valentine’s day event.

Gem of Souls SP

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