Flash Powder
Flash Powder
Type Item
Group Martial Artists
Effect 40% chance to dodge intercept

Flash Powder is an item which can only be used by the Martial Artists. This item gives the equipping character a 40% chance to dodge intercept. The bonus from Flash Powder is additive: it will give Rumiko a 90% chance to dodge interceptions, and Yoshiro 50%.

Flash Powder on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Because of low health, Amaya is especially hurt by intercepts, and Flash Powder can help.
  • Higashi - Flash Powder is not an ideal item for Higashi since he is generally used as a tank. Not that he can't benefit from this item, but he can be far more effective with others.
  • Onimaru - This item can be useful if Onimaru is in unfavorable situation.
  • Rumiko - This item can help Rumiko play to one of her strengths, making it harder to intercept her: she will have a 90% chance to dodge interceptions. However, Scroll allows her to cast Eviscerate twice in a row.
  • Yoshiro - Yoshiro can benefit from this item depending on how you play him. It can be risky, but if played strictly as a closer, being brought in only to finish off another charcter then switching him out, he can benefit by having a better chance to dodge an intercept attempt.

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