Energy Core
Energy Core
Type Item
Group Robots
Effect Gives 50 energy and breaks if you try to use more energy than you have

Energy Core Is an item that can only be used by Robots. The Energy Core works when you use an ability that would put your energy below zero, instead of that happening the item breaks and you gain 50 energy.

Energy Core on CharactersEdit

  • Gorbax-Mark 2 - The 50 energy doubles as 50 hp that Gorbax will spend for more energy, so this item can be good on him. However, Z-Phase Converter is probably better.
  • B9 - Good, if immediate energy is what you want for B9. However, Z-Phase Converter is better in the long run.
  • IBO-K9 - K9 doesn't need all that much energy due to his innate and his usual style of play (Uplifting Yelp and then switch), but this can be helpful if you want to close up the range (two turns after switching in) and Self Destruct.

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