Energy is an essential part of Kongai. Every attack and maneuver requires Energy Energy to perform. All characters have a maximum Energy Energy of 100.

Uses of EnergyEdit

Energy has two main uses:

  1. Maneuvering in the maneuver phase usually costs 50 Energy Energy.
  1. Using attacks in the combat phase, costing between 0 and 80 Energy Energy.

Energy Requirement for AttacksEdit

The amount of Energy Energy required to fuel an attack depends on the Energy Energy cost of the attack. The number beside the Energy Energy icon is the cost of the attack.

[[File:Physical Example img.PNG|Onimaru's Double Slash costs 40 [[File:Energy.gif|link=Energy]] Energy.]]

In the above image, Onimaru's Double Slash costs 40 Energy Energy.

Energy ReplenishmentEdit

There are three ways to increase the Energy Energy of your character.

  1. At the end of each turn, all characters, active or inactive, regain 20 Energy Energy.
  2. Resting during the combat phase immediately regains 20 Energy Energy for the active character.
  3. Some buffs can restore Energy Energy and are listed below.

List of Factors affecting EnergyEdit

  • Scroll of Inner Focus - Decreases Energy Energy costs of all user's attacks by 5.
  • Andromeda's innate - Andromeda's maneuver costs are decreased by 5 Energy Energy. (Does not affect pass)
  • Stoneheel Totem - Opponent's maneuver costs are increased by 5 Energy Energy. (Does not affect pass)
  • Hamstring - Increases cost of maneuvers by 20 Energy Energy. (Does not affect pass)
  • Zina's innate - Restores 30 energy upon defeating a character.
  • Helene's Sword Slash - 50% chance to restore 30 Energy Energy.
  • Mindreader's Chalice - Upon successful intercept restores 100 Energy Energy to user.
  • MR-V1N's innate causes opponent to lose 40 Energy Energy whenever he switches out, which causes an effect called 'Misery Loves Company' in the game log.

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