Elusive Feather
Elusive Feather
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect +25% chance to dodge physical attacks

Brown Villager item. Increases your chance to dodge physical attacks by 25%.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

The Feather makes Popo especially hard to hit with physical attacks, though it's also helpful on Juju as an aid to landing Touch of Doom. Useful on any Villager if physical attacks become important in the metagame.

Elusive Feather on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - Great alternative to Girdle of Iron Will, especially since many of the close hitters as well as stun moves use physical attacks.
  • Popo - Elusive Feather coupled with Popo's innate can give her a supreme advantage over characters whose main attacks are physically based. This item really helps Popo play to her strengths.
  • Tafari - May be useful when used in combination with Hide.
  • Ubuntu - This is a decent item for Ubuntu depending on how you play him and how lucky you get. It can increase his staying power when he gets the dodge, which helps both with keeping him alive and with abusing his innate, giving the Elusive Feather a double use for Ubuntu.
  • Zina - Much more useful with Deadly Poison or Tiger's Claw.

Full Art Edit

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