Elemental Prism
Type Item
Group Knights
Effect When you use a light magic attack or buff, or get hit by a light magic attack, 30% change the Prism deals 6 elemental damage to all foes. Doesn't work while on the bench.

Knights-only item.

Doesn't work while on bench.

Elemental Prism on characters Edit

Knights Edit

  • Wei-shan - Wei-shan won't be using his two light attacks more than every few turns. Has much better options, considering his role.
  • Bestor - Bestor has all light attacks, making this especially useful.
  • Gunbjorn - Ice Shards is a pretty useful attack - if you plan on using it a lot, can be useful, otherwise not very good.
  • Oxbox - His main moves aren't Light, so this item isn't very useful.
  • Rathbone - Nearly useless, as Rathbone has no light attacks and has no light resistance, making it hard for him to take enough attacks for Prism to be worthwile.

Known BugsEdit

  • When this card was released with the 2nd set of Kongai cards, the card had the same effect as the Ring of Bravery. Because of this, if you activate a light magic attack, it has a 30% chance to deal 3 damage to the enemy instead of dealing 6 damage to all enemy characters.

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