Double Slash (Onimaru)
User Onimaru Version 1.8
Damage 26x2 Type Physical
Cost 40 Speed 4
D/C 1.3 Range Close
Hit% 98% Proc% 25%
Effect Chance to Prevent Range Change
For Vanessa Voss's move, see Double Slash (Vanessa Voss)

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Very powerful. It deals more than 30 damage even to another Onimaru.
  • May prevent opponent from getting far next turn.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slow. Can be interrupted easily.
  • Due to its energy cost, it can only be used once after Onimaru gets close, unless he has Scroll of Inner Focus.

Known Bugs Edit

Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


  • Double Slash, hit rate 90%==>98%
  • Double Slash, 25% to disable range changing next turn.

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