Death Mask
Death Mask
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect If killed, revive with 1hp and die at end of next turn

Brown Villager item. When you would die, instead you die at the end of next turn. You survive with 1 hp until the next turn. Gives you a debuff of Impending Doom when you would die, which eventually kills you at the end of next turn. However you can be killed the next turn by enemy's attack.

Death Mask on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - Giving Juju a great chance for a last ditch effort Touch of Doom or Hex can be very helpful. As with all items though, it would require good timing, planning and Yomi.
  • Popo - Allowing Popo another shot or a last ditch effort shot could really turn the tide of a game in the event of a Slingshot critical or Poison Dart proc.
  • Tafari - Tafari already tends to have enough staying power with 80 hps, 5 physical and 3 dark defense. However, the Death Mask could help him land the last ditch effort Ambush if a player weren't paying close attention to how much energy they have remaining.
  • Ubuntu - Allowing Ubuntu a last ditch effort Spirit Assistance can really make a difference. The Death Mask really helps force some good thinking when used on Ubuntu.
  • Zina - The Death Mask has some great potential for allowing Zina some last ditch effort attacks. One extra Tiger Frenzy + Mistress's Command or Eye of the Tiger can make a big difference.

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