Deafening Crack
User Phoebe Version 2.4
Damage 5 Type Physical
Cost 10 Speed 7
D/C 0.5 Range Both
Hit% 100% Proc% 100%
Effect Hit Rate Decrease by 20% for 4 turns

Main information Edit

Type: Move

Used by: Phoebe

Kongai Version: 2.4

Cost: 10 energy

Damage: 5

Damage type: Physical

Hit chance: 100%

Special effect: Reduces opponent's chance to hit by 20% for 4 turns

Proc: 100%

Speed: 7

Range: Both

Damage per energy point: 0.5

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Hits always given that Phoebe has no accuracy decreasing debuffs
  • Increases your characters chance to survive and probably makes opponents use cheaper and less damaging moves in fear of missing the more expensive moves, however this should normally be used only as a last ditch move
  • Low energy cost let's you recover energy while you use this move

Weaknesses Edit

  • Does only minimal damage
  • the effects don't add, they multiply so 3 deafening cracks in a row does not mean a 40% hit rate (for a 100% hit move)

Known Bugs Edit

Changes scheduled with next versions Edit

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