Deadly Poison
Deadly Poison
Type Item
Group Villagers
Version Unknown
Effect 70% chance to cause 2 Poison damage/turn for 5 turns

Brown Villager item. Your attacks have an 70% chance to cause 2 Poison damage each turn for 5 turns. If Deadly Poison procs, it deals 2 Poison damage immediately after the attack and gives enemy a debuff dealing 2 Poison damage for the next 5 turns.

Deadly Poison on characters Edit

Villagers Edit

  • Juju - Depending on how you're aiming to use Juju, this item isn't a bad option. Also, in a mirror match, the Juju with a Deadly Poison can generally add up the debuffs to the other Juju making it significantly harder to heal up. If you're going to use Hex a lot, this is a good item to have.
  • Popo - Adding more poison damage potential to Popo would enhance playing to her strengths. If you plan on using Popo for Poison Dart and Herbal Preparations, then this item is a good idea.
  • Tafari - Increasing the damage Tafari can deal with his Poison Dart helps him do what he's good at, only faster. This item is a great complement to Tafari.
  • Ubuntu - Ubuntu is usually better served by another item, especially since Deadly Poison will not proc with Spirit Assistance. However, if you plan to play Ubuntu for his close range attack buffs, this item will help deal more damage while aiming to increase your team's strength.
  • Zina - Zina plays very well with this item since it has the potential to significantly increase the damage of her deck hitting attack, Tiger Frenzy. This is one of Zina's ideal items.

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